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It is unlawful for a residentto hunt wildlife by any means in Arkansas without possessing on the person the appropriate Arkansas hunting license as provided herein:

  1. To hunt alligator, deer, turkey, bear or elk, the hunter must have physical possession of a valid Arkansas hunting license. A temporary, internet license or a confirmation/authorization number from a telephone license order is not valid for hunting these species.
  2. Arkansas Residents (16 years of age and older) – Small Game: Resident Wildlife Conservation License; Resident Sportsman’s License; Big Game: Resident Wildlife Conservation License (permits residents to harvest one legal deer during any deer season); Resident Sportsman's License; Furbearer (Hunting): Any valid hunting license. Furbearer (Trapping): Any valid hunting license and a resident trappers permit. All game: Holders of the following licenses are entitled to hunt all game, except if taking waterfowl an Arkansas Resident Waterfowl Stamp, Federal Waterfowl Stamp, and Harvest Information Program (HIP) are required: Resident 65 Plus Lifetime Sportsman's Hunting License (or 65 Plus Lifetime Combination License); Resident 65 Plus Annual Hunting License (or Resident 65 Plus Annual Combination License); Resident Disabled Lifetime Sportsman's Hunting License (or Resident Disabled Lifetime Combination License) Resident Disabled Hunting 3-Year License (or Resident Disabled Combination 3-Year License); Resident Disabled Military Veteran Lifetime Hunting License; or Resident Disabled Military Veteran Lifetime Combination License. All game: Holders of the following license are entitled to hunt all game, including waterfowl with a Federal Waterfowl Stamp and Harvest Information Program (HIP): Lifetime Resident Combination Sportsman's License and Permit; or Resident Disabled Military Veteran Lifetime Combination License and Permit.


  1. Residents hunting on a licensed game bird shooting resort in compliance with regulations (Code 09.06).
  2. In compliance with Code 04.04 and Addendum B1.14.

PENALTY: Class 1

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