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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019

It is unlawful to take or attempt to take aquatic turtles other than as specified below:

  1. Hoop nets with ramp netting attached to the first hoop and throat opening restricted by parallel lines attached to the second hoop. Maximum throat opening 1 inch by 3 feet (where throat lines attach to hoop). Minimum mesh size 1½ inches square bar mesh. Wings or leads may not be used. Nets to be set with throat horizontal and in such a manner that a portion of the enclosure remains above water surface at all times.
  2. Box type traps (basking traps) with an open top that is above the water surface. All other trap surfaces must be fully closed and incapable of taking fish. Box type turtle traps may not exceed 4x4x4 feet in dimension.
  3. Turtle trappers must check and remove catch from all hoop nets at least once during each 24-hour period and from all box traps at least once every 72 hours.


  1. Legal commercial fishing hoop nets (fingered throats) when appropriately tagged and commercially fished in waters open to their use.
  2. Fish farmers when removing aquatic turtles from their permitted facilities.
  3. Private pond owners when removing aquatic turtles from their ponds for non-commercial purposes.

PENALTY: Class 2

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