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It is unlawful to purchase, sell, offer for sale, barter or trade any species of wildlife or portions thereof.


  1. Furbearer pelts and carcasses taken during a furbearer season may be sold by persons with valid hunting or fur dealer licenses. Purchase of furbearer pelts and carcasses must be in compliance with Code 17.07.
  2. In compliance with Chapter 09.00or Codes 26.18,29.03,30.01; 31.01,32.02,34.01,35.01,and Addendum F1.07.
  3. Legally taken squirrel tails and pelts, rabbit pelts, turkey bones, deer antlers, elk antlers, deer hides, elk hides, and feathers not protected by federal regulation 50 CFR20.
  4. Red fox, gray fox and coyote legally trapped in Arkansas may be sold by a person possessing a hunting license and trapping permit and Live Fox and Coyote Permit (Code 09.16).
  5. Commission-approved nonprofit organizations with a valid tax identification number may pay for the processing of game and donate the meat to needy individuals.
  6. Alligator hide, meat and parts from legally harvested alligators (Codes 05.01,12.02, 12.03, and Addenda A1.10,C1.03) may be sold or donated in state when accompanied by documentation verifying origin and description of transferred parts. An individual alligator hide legally harvested and with an attached U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species tag may be sold outside the state. Alligator meat or parts may also be sold or transferred out of state with documentation accompanying each part of the legal CITES assignment from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  7. Certain wildlife (i.e. migratory birds) is subject to federal regulation 50 CFR. Otherwise mounted or tanned wildlife may be bought or sold when accompanied by a bill of sale. The bill of sale will state the purchase date, number and description of item and full name and address of the previous owner. This bill of sale will be made available to a Wildlife Officer upon request for a period of 1 year from the date of sale/purchase.


Class 4

Class 5: Where violation involves wildlife taken out of season or over the bag limit, or capturing native wildlife; or where aggregate value of wildlife equals $200or more.

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