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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019

It is unlawful to take, attempt to take, or possess paddlefish or sturgeon, or their parts, including eggs (roe), from waters of the state from midnightApril 10–sunriseNovember 20.


  1. Permitted resident roe buyers/exporters and permitted nonresident roe buyers may possess processed roe only with proper reports of transactions described in Code 30.19.
  2. In compliance with Code 25.02.
  3. Permitted fish farmers in compliance with Code 35.10.
  4. Sturgeon may be taken midnight November15–sunriseMay 1.
  5. Roe takers are required to use only multifilament nets from sunriseNovember20–midnightDecember5 and from sunriseMarch 2–midnightApril 10 in the Arkansas River below James W. Trimble Dam.

PENALTY: Class 3

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