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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019

It is unlawful to import, transport, or otherwise receive into Arkansas live fish or fertilized eggs from any Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus (VHSV)-positive state without a valid Fish Farm Health Inspection Permit issued by the Commission and in compliance with the provisions of the permit and the following requirements:

  1. Any person shipping live fish or fish eggs into Arkansas from VHSV-positive states must obtain the Fish Farm Health Inspection Permit and a copy of the permit must accompany all shipments into the state, even if the fish are transported by a third party.
  2. Any person hauling live fish through Arkansas from VHSV-positive states is prohibited from discharging water from fish-hauling tanks in Arkansas.
  3. All shipments of live fish or eggs coming into Arkansas must be accompanied by an invoice or bill of lading that clearly describes the origin(s) of all fish and/or eggs in the shipment (Addendum I1.01).

PENALTY: Class 3

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