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It is unlawful to rear, breed, propagate, produce, distribute, sell, or offer for sale any wildlife in Arkansas without first obtaining a valid Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permit from the Commission (Addendum F1.03).


  1. Fish, bullfrogs, mussels, aquatic turtles and alligators in compliance with Code 09.06and Chapters 29.00,30.00, 31.00, 32.00,33.00,34.00,35.00.
  2. Red fox, gray fox and coyote legally trapped in Arkansas may be sold by persons with a valid hunting license and trapping permit.
  3. Accredited members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
  4. Holders of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Raptor Propagation Permits may propagate, distribute, and sell raptors without a Commission Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permit.
  5. Holders of Game Bird Shooting Resort Permits do not need a Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permit unless they are actively engaged in rearing, breeding, propagating, producing, distributing, selling, or offering for sale, game birds or other wildlife.
  6. No Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permit is necessary for wildlife listed in Addendum R1.01. No permit will be issued for wildlife listed in Addendum R1.03. An application for a permit for an unlisted species will be denied if an evaluation by Commission determines that the species poses a significant risk to human health and safety, native fish and wildlife health or populations, or agriculture, or cannot be safely confined in a humane manner.
  7. In compliance with Code 09.15.
  8. Terrestrial invertebrate species not otherwise prohibited by this Code or by federal or state regulations.
  9. Arkansas residents may sell or transfer up to twenty (20) individual wildlife specimens listed in Addendum R1.02 per calendar year that were acquired from a permitted Wildlife Breeder/Dealer or imported with a valid Wildlife Importation Permit provided each sale or transfer is registered with the Commission. Registered wildlife may be subsequently sold or transferred in accordance with the preceding sentence.

PENALTY: Class 3

  1. Any person convicted of violating this regulation shall be liable for the costs accrued in the storage, care, and maintenance of any equipment or wildlife seized in connection with the violation.
  2. Any person convicted of violating this regulation shall be liable for the costs of any and all tests and/or examinations of the illegal wildlife and shall be liable for the costs of destruction and/or disposal of the illegal wildlife, as deemed necessary by the Commission for the protection of native wildlife.
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