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  1. All deer, turkey, bear, or elk shall be checked before leaving the state or being gifted to another and within 24 hours in which it was harvested (reduced to possession) by 1 of the approved checking methods listed below. A harvested animal may be field dressed and /or quartered to aid in removal from the field but the head must remain in close proximity (arms’s length) of all 4 quarters until checked. Otherwise, evidence the harvest is legal (antlers, turkey beard, etc.) must remain attached until checked and the check confirmation number acquired. Documentation of the confirmation number must accompany each harvest while afield at a processing facility, taxidermist or until the harvest reaches the point of final storage.
  2. All alligator shall be checked and CITES tag attached before leaving the state or being gifted to another. All alligator must be checked within 12 hours in which it was harvested.
  3. Hunters are required to submit a premolar from the harvested bear within 7 days of harvest to the Wildlife Management Division.

Wildlife Checking Methods:

PENALTY: Class 2

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