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  1. Eligibility and Application Requirements:
    1. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and shall not have been convicted of, or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere for, violating any federal, state or municipal law governing captive wildlife, illegal appropriation or commercialization of wildlife, or cruelty to animals within five years of the application date.
    2. The applicant shall submit a written application (available from the Commission) for each facility to be permitted.
  2. The requested permit shall be denied if:
    1. The applicant fails to meet any of the issuance criteria set forth in this addendum chapter;
    2. The applicant fails to disclose material information required, makes false statements as to any material fact in connection with the application, or supplies false information or makes a false statement on the application;
    3. The Commission finds, through further inquiry or investigation, the issuance of the permit may be potentially harmful to the wildlife resources of the State.
  3. Permit Requirements:
    1. Wildlife Importation Permit holders may import wildlife into or transport wildlife through the State under the following conditions provided that,prior to transportation, the permit holder possesses the following documentation:
      1. Written proof of the origin and destination of each animal.
      2. Documentation for each animal to demonstrate they have not been kept in, or originated from, a location from which importation has been restricted in accordance with Code 09.11.
      3. A completed state or federal certificate of veterinary inspection form upon which an accredited veterinarian has certified each animal to be free of diseases/parasites. Animals other than cervids originating within Arkansas and that are taken from the state for less than 30 days may re-enter the state without the need for a veterinary exam.
    2. The Wildlife Importation Permit and issued documentation required in Addendum F1.04(C)(1)must accompany each animal during transport.
      1. All documentation required in Addendum F1.04(C)(1)shall be submitted by the permit holder to the Commission’s Wildlife Management Division within 7 days of the permitted importation.
      2. Failure to comply may result in suspension or revocation of any existing permit held by the violatorand denial of any future permits. Additionally, criminal charges may be filed.
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