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The Arkansas State Board of Health has quarantined Bayou Meto Bayou pursuant to law due to the contamination of the fish in the waters. The Commission has declared a closure to all commercial harvest in the waters described below: Big Bayou Meto and all tributaries extending 5 miles above their confluence with the bayou from the Arkansas Highway 11 bridge at the Jefferson/Arkansas County line to the headwaters of Bayou Meto, and all overflow lakes, sloughs and bayous, including Little Bayou Meto north of Arkansas Highway 88 and all water exchange ditches between Little Bayou Meto and Big Bayou Meto.

EXCEPTION: Bayou Meto and all associated overflow lakes, sloughs, and tributaries are reopened to commercial harvest from the Arkansas Highway 13 Bridge in Lonoke County downstream to the bayou's confluence with the Arkansas River.

PENALTY: Class 1

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