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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019

It is unlawful to buy or export across the state line paddlefish or sturgeon, or their parts, including eggs (roe), without a current Resident Roe Buyer/Exporter Permit or Nonresident Buyer/Exporter Permit, as applicable. Licensed commercial fishermen who hold current Resident Roe Buyer/Exporter Permit may also take paddlefish and sturgeon in compliance with applicable season, size, and tackle regulations.


  1. In compliance with Code 25.02
  2. Permitted fish farmers in compliance with Code 35.10
  3. Paddlefish and sturgeon meat may be purchased only from permitted roe taker/sellers and roe buyer/exporters in compliance with Code 30.01
  4. Paddlefish and sturgeon meat and/or roe can be transported by an authorized representative of a legally permitted resident buyer/exporter if accompanied by a bill of lading or bill of sale, indicating the name and permit number of the authorizing resident buyer/exporter and including the species, number of pounds of roe or meat per species, and if being sold, the name of the purchaser. A true bill of lading or bill of sale must accompany the shipment to the final destination.
  5. Paddlefish, sturgeon, or their meat (excluding eggs or roe), may be purchased for personal use without purchasing either a resident/nonresident roe buyer/exporter permit in compliance with this code.

PENALTY: Class 3

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