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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019

It is unlawful to take game fish with spearguns other than as specified below:

  1. June 15-March 15 from sunrise to sunset in the following waters: Beaver, Blue Mountain, Bull Shoals, Catherine, Conway, DeGray, Erling, Greers Ferry, Greeson, Hamilton, Harris Brake, Millwood, Nimrod, Norfork, Ouachita, and Table Rock lakes,and all impoundments created by the locks and dams on the Arkansas River;
  2. The taking of black bass is prohibited in the following waters: Beaver, Bull Shoals, Millwood, Norfork, and Table Rock lakes;
  3. The taking of flathead catfish is prohibited March 15-July 15;
  4. No more than half of the daily game fish limit (Codes 25.01, 25.02) may be taken by speargun, or the lesser whole number nearest half when the limit is an odd number;
  5. The possession of spearguns in public waters other than waters specified in this section is prohibited; and
  6. Catfish and rough fish may be taken during spearfishing season on DeQueen, Dierks and Gillhamlakes. (Note closed season in C above for flathead catfish)

PENALTY: Class 1

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