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It is unlawful to:

  1. Use trotlines, setlines and limblines with drops or hooks less than 24 inches apart statewide;
  2. Use any trotline or snagline below any lock and dam on the Arkansas River from the dam to the nearest arrival point navigation marker downstream;
  3. Fail to run any line and remove catch daily; or
  4. Fish any more than 100 hooks at any time between the main levees of the Mississippi River (Code 26.08).

All trotlines, setlines and limblines must be clearly labeled with the name and address, driver’s license number, or current vehicle license plate number of the person using such equipment. Information must be attached on each line at the bank end. Unlabeled lines shall be removed and destroyed by the Commission.


  1. Trotlines that otherwise comply with the provisions of this regulation may be used on Lake Maumelle, except in areas where signs prohibiting use of trotlines are posted by the Commission or Central Arkansas Water Authority.
  2. Limblines may not be used within the boundaries of Buffalo River National Park.

PENALTY: Class 1

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