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It is unlawful for a person to:

  1. Fish more than 30 yo-yos or other mechanical fishing devices or to leave such unattended (out of sight or hearing) during daylight hours;
  2. Suspend more than one yo-yo or mechanical fishing device from any horizontal line, wire, limb or support;
  3. Use a stake to mount a yo-yo, limbline, or mechanical fishing device on a Commission-owned lake unless the stake is made from wood or cane;
  4. Fail to remove any mounting stake placed in a Commission-owned lake after the stake is no longer in use for fishing; or
  5. Fail to clearly labeleach mounting stake, yo-yo, limbline, or mechanical fishing device with the name and address, driver’s license number, or current vehicle license number of the person using such equipment.

For purposes of this regulation, “yo-yo” shall include any yo-yo left in place whether "set" or "tripped" (disabled).

PENALTY: Class 1

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