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It is unlawful hunt or pursue wildlife with the aid of dogs on WMAs.


  1. Permitted American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, and American Coon Hunters Association field trials when approved by the Commission.
  2. Quail and Rabbit Dog Training: September1 - April 1, except during firearms deer hunts where dogs are not allowed.
  3. Training dogs on Camp Robinson, Wylie Cox, and J. Perry Mikles Blue Mountain SUAs requires an Arkansas hunting license. Wylie Cox and J. Perry Mikles Blue Mountain SUAs are closed to dog training during organized field trials. On Camp Robinson SUA, only reserved/closed compartments are closed to dog training.
  4. Dogs are required to hunt bobcat, opossum, and raccoon at night in compliance with Addendum C1.09.
  5. J. Perry Mikles Blue Mountain SUA is open for training raccoon dogs at night only and rabbit dogs year-round except during field trials. Quail dog training is allowed October1 - April 15 except during firearms deer hunts where dogs are not allowed.
  6. Waterfowl retrievers are allowed during open migratory bird seasons.
  7. Quail and woodcock hunting with bird dog breeds only, during open season.
  8. Specified dates during modern gun deer season on Gum Flats, Lake Greeson, Provo, and Mount Magazine WMAs in compliance with Addendum C1.01.
  9. Dogs are allowed for coyote, fox, and bobcat hunting on Casey Jones WMA during the declared furbearer season when a firearms deer season is closed (Codes 21.01,23.06, and Addendum C1.09).
  10. Dogs are allowed for modern gun deer season on Blue Mountain, DeGray Lake, Lloyd Millwood Nimrod, Dardanelle, and Ozark Lake WMAs. No dogs are allowed on islands except waterfowl retrievers during waterfowl season and hunting furbearers at night.
  11. Dogs are allowed for squirrel and rabbit hunting where no modern gun or muzzleloader deer season is open or where dogs are allowed for modern gun deer hunting.
  12. Dogs are not allowed for squirrel hunting during the first 9days of modern gun deer season on Big Timber, Casey Jones, Jack Mountain, Lee Creek, Ozark National Forest, Piney Creeks, and White Rock WMAs.
  13. Dogs are allowed for training and/or hunting under the conditions and during the seasons provided by the required annual refuge hunting permit on all NWRs. Field trials are prohibited unless authorized by refuge Special Use Permit.
  14. Waterfowl retriever, rabbit dog (beagle), and bird dog training is allowed on Camp Robinson SUA from September15 - April 1, except during firearm deer hunts where dogs are not allowed. Bird dog training is also prohibited immediately following dates scheduled for supplemental bird releases on Camp Robinson SUA. Camp Robinson personnel will establish the exact dates of supplemental bird releases after field trial schedules are set in July. Dog trainers will be required to check with area personnel to get the dates of scheduled supplemental releases and additional dog training closure periods. Waterfowl retriever training is open the entire year in compartment 5. Dog training must comply with all applicable rules and regulations.
  15. Employees of the National Park Service or their designees engaged in official duties.
  16. Dogs are not allowed for bird dog training on Stone Prairie WMA.

PENALTY: Class 1