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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019

It is unlawful to:

  1. Hunt feral hogs on WMAs;
  2. Hunt feral hogs on WMAs by the use of dogs or trapping; or
  3. Possess or release live hogs on WMAs.


  1. Feral hogs may only be taken by a hunterwho is hunting bear, deer, or elk during a firearm season for these big game species with a weaponlegal for bear, deer, or elk firearmseason and in compliancewith all hunting license and permit requirements, on the following WMAs and NWRs:
    1. Bearcat Hollow WMA,
    2. Beaver Lake WMA,
    3. Beryl Anthony Lower Ouachita WMA,
    4. Big Lake WMA,
    5. Big Timber WMA,
    6. Blevins WMA,
    7. Blue Mountain WMA,
    8. Buck Island WMA,
    9. Buffalo National River WMA,
    10. Camp Robinson WMA,
    11. Camp Robinson SUA,
    12. Caney Creek WMA,
    13. Casey Jones WMA,
    14. Cherokee WMA,
    15. Crossett Experimental Forest WMA,
    16. Cut-Off Creek WMA,
    17. Dardanelle WMA,
    18. DeGray Lake WMA,
    19. Departee Creek WMA,
    20. DeQueen Lake WMA,
    21. Devil’s Knob Natural Area WMA,
    22. Dr. Lester Sitzes III Bois D’Arc WMA,
    23. Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA,
    24. Freddie Black Choctaw Island Deer Research Area,
    25. Ft. Chaffee WMA,
    26. Galla Creek WMA,
    27. Gene Rush WMA,
    28. George H. Dunklin Jr. Bayou Meto WMA,
    29. Greers Ferry Lake WMA,
    30. Gum Flats WMA,
    31. Harold E. Alexander Spring River WMA,
    32. Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA,
    33. Hope Upland WMA,
    34. Howard County WMA,
    35. J. Perry Mikles Blue Mountain SUA,
    36. Jack Mountain WMA,
    37. Jamestown Independence County WMA,
    38. Jim Kress WMA,
    39. Jones Point WMA,
    40. Lafayette County WMA,
    41. Lake Greeson WMA,
    42. Lee Creek WMA,
    43. Little Bayou WMA,
    44. Little Rive WMAr,
    45. Loafer’s Glory WMA,
    46. McIIroy Madison County WMA,
    47. Moro Big Pine Natural Area WMA,
    48. Mt. Magazine WMA,
    49. Muddy Creek WMA,
    50. Nimrod Lloyd Millwood WMA,
    51. Norfork Lake WMA,
    52. Ozan WMA,
    53. Ozark Lake WMA,
    54. Ozark National Forest WMA,
    55. Petit Jean River WMA,
    56. Piney Creeks WMA,
    57. Poison Springs WMA,
    58. Provo WMA,
    59. RaineyWMA,
    60. Scott Henderson Gulf Mountain WMA,
    61. Seven Devils WMA,
    62. Shirey Bay Rainey Brake WMA,
    63. Spring Bank WMA,
    64. St. Francis National Forest WMA,
    65. St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA,
    66. Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms WMA,
    67. Sulphur River WMA,
    68. Sylamore WMA,
    69. Trusten Holder WMA,
    70. U of A Pine Tree Experimental Station WDA,
    71. Village Creek WMA,
    72. Wedington WMA,
    73. White Rock WMA, and
    74. Winona WMA;
    75. Bald Knob NWR,
    76. Big Lake NWR,
    77. Dale BumpersWhite River NWR,
    78. Felsenthal NWR,
    79. Overflow NWR,
    80. Pond Creek NWR, and
    81. Wapanocca NWR.
  2. Feral hogs may be taken ona WMA by a legal archery hunteronly during the portion of an open bear, deer, or elk archery season on that WMA that falls in the monthof November or December.


For violation of (A) or (B): Class 3
For violation of (C): Class 4

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