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It is unlawful to train waterfowl retrievers, rabbit dogs (beagles) and bird dogs on Camp Robinson SUA without a current hunting license to: possess more than 8dogs on the area; or use live ammunition. No 1-person, multi-person party, driver, or occupant of a single vehicle arriving at or being present at Camp Robinson SUA compartment 5 may train, control, or possess, or have in 1vehicle more than 4dogs except after 9 am on Tuesday or Thursday. Vehicle means car or truck including any accompanying trailer, whether or not attached.


  1. Individuals participating in organized field trials are not required to have a current hunting license.
  2. Individuals participating in an organized field trial are not restricted to possessing 8dogs.
  3. Other dog training or events may be allowed by written permit from the Commission.

PENALTY: Class 1

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