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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019
  1. It is unlawful to build, attach or occupy any type of structures on a WMA made from common building materials, such as wire, nylon, metal, or lumber. Prohibited structures include, but are not limited to, hunting stands and blinds, buildings, shelters, and moored houseboats.
  2. It is unlawful to leave personal property on any WMA. Prohibited personal property items include, but are not limited to, boats, hunting stands, and blinds.
  3. Structures and personal property not in compliance with this code may be removed by Commission personnel and destroyed or otherwise disposed of in compliance with Commission policy.


  1. Portable hunting blinds, portable hunting stands and associated equipment using no metal objects screwed or driven into trees. Such stands and blinds must have the owner's name and address permanently affixed and must be moved at least 200 yards after 7 consecutive days. Stands and blinds may not be placed on a WMA more than 7 days before deer archery season and must be removed from the WMA within 7days after the close of deer archery season.
  2. On USDA Forest Service cooperative WMAs, portable stands must comply with USDA Forest Service regulations.
  3. Structures in compliance with a Commission-issued Land Use Permit.
  4. In compliance with Codes 01.00-C, 19.04, 20.18, 24.05, 24.06.
  5. Slough boats may be kept at designated sites beginning the Saturday before the opening day of duck season and must be permanently removed 7days after the last day of duck season.
  6. Trail Cameras.

PENALTY: Class 2

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