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  1. It is unlawful to possess buckshot, rifled slugs, centerfire firearms, or rimfire firearms larger than .22 caliber on WMAs other than during open modern gun deer, bear, or elk seasons and in compliance with Codes 06.02, 06.09,06.10.
  2. It is unlawful to possess muzzleloaders larger than .40 caliber on any WMA other than during an open muzzleloader or modern gun deer, bear, or elk seasons and in compliance with Code 06.03.


  1. All Commission-owned WMAs, Blue MountainWMA, Camp Robinson WMA, Dardanelle WMA, J. Perry Mikles Blue Mountain SUA, Nimrod Lloyd Millwood WMA, Ozark Lake WMA, and all USDA Forest Service landsincluding WMAs lying within the Ouachita National Forest and the St. Francis/Ozark National Forest –bobcat, fox, and coyote may be taken during daylight hours with firearms of any caliber during bobcat, fox, and coyote seasons.
  2. Beaver Lake,Big Lake,Brushy Creek,Dave Donaldson Black River, Frierson, Holland Bottoms, St. Francis Sunken Lands,Shirey Bay Rainey Brake, U of A Pine Tree Experimental Station, W.E. Brewer Scatter Creek, and Wedington WMAs – only shotguns with slugs (no buckshot allowed)or muzzleloading rifles (in compliance with Code 06.03) shooting a single projectile only during modern gun season.
  3. Trusten Holder WMA – within the boundaries of the Arkansas Post National Memorial buffer zone, discharge of any firearm is prohibited. No rifles are allowed on that part of Trusten Holder, including all Corps of Engineers lands, lying north and east of the centerline of the Arkansas River which fall within the area that lies east of Pendleton Bridge to just south of Dam 2 and those lands west of Tichnor Blacktop and Nady Road.
  4. Big Lake WMA – it is unlawful to transport firearms in that portion of Ditch 28 on the Big Lake WMA without firearms being dismantled or encased.
  5. Lafayette County WMA – no buckshot.
  6. Bell Slough WMA – shotguns or rimfire rifles only.
  7. Johnson County WRA on Dardanelle WMA – muzzleloaders shooting a single projectile or shotguns with slugs only.
  8. DeGray Lake WMA – within the boundaries of the Lower DeGray Lake Waterfowl Rest Area, all firearms and archery equipment are prohibited except by permitted participants of special hunts and archery equipment used for bowfishing.
  9. Greers Ferry WMA – muzzleloaders are allowed during the mobility-impaired deer permit hunt.
  10. The farm units within Bald Knob, Cache River, and Wapanocca NWRs – muzzleloaders shooting a single projectile, shotguns with slugs (no buckshot allowed) or legal handguns only.
  11. Maumelle River WMA – shotguns using legal, non-toxic ammunition may be used to take squirrel, rabbit, furbearer, quail, crow, dove as designated on the public use map in compliance with Code 23.03.
  12. DeQueen Lake WMA – all property lying south of Bellah Mine Road (excluding property contained within the boundaries of the Dike C Firearms Unit and Jordan Tract Firearms Unit) – firearms are not allowed. All COE Recreational Areas are closed to hunting. Refer to COE\AGFC Public Use Map.
  13. Little Bayou and Crossett Experiment Forest WMAs – bobcat, fox, and coyote may not be taken during daylight hours with any caliber.


  1. Private landowners within boundaries of WMAs where they maintain a bona fide residence, within their homes or on their own land where normal agricultural activity is conducted.
  2. Trusten Holder WMA mobility impaired muzzleloader deer hunters may use shotguns with slugs.
  3. DeGray Lake WMA special hunt permit holders may possess loadedfirearms within the delineated boundaries of the Lower DeGray LakeWaterfowl Rest Area during the special hunts.
  4. In compliance with Code 05.19.

PENALTY: Class 1

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