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It is unlawful to take, hunt, or possess an alligator except during the open alligator season (Addendum A1.10), or to use any method other than the following:

  1. Alligator must be captured alive and securely restrained using handheld snares or harpoons before dispatching. Hand-held snares must be constructed of steel cable with a sliding locking device and harpoon heads must be attached to a steel-cable leader.
  2. Only shotguns or shotgun-caliber bangsticks using shot size no larger than No. 4 common shot may be used to dispatch a securely restrained alligator.
  3. All shotguns and bangsticks must be cased and unloaded at all times until an alligator has been securely restrained. No other firearms or ammunition may be in possession of the permittee or hunting assistant.
  4. No firearm or bangstick may be discharged within 150 yards of any residence, building, boat ramp, or occupied campsite.
  5. All harvested alligators must be reported upon harvest and checked online within 12 hours of harvest. The permittee’s assigned U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service CITES tag must be attached to the alligator approximately 6 inches from the tip of the tail immediately upon harvest and before moving the alligator.
  6. Hunting hours during the alligator season will be from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise. The use of artificial lights is permitted during legal hunting hours.
  7. All harvested alligators must be at least 4 feet long as measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail.
  8. No electronic calls or calling devices are permitted to attract alligators.
  9. All CITES tags not affixed to an alligator must be returned to the Commission's alligator coordinator within 7 days following the last day of alligator season. Non-compliance will result in ineligibility for subsequent permit draw.

EXCEPTION: In compliance with Codes 05.19,Chapter 33.00.

PENALTY: Class 2

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