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Approved On: April 25, 2019
Effective On: April 25, 2019

It is unlawful to hunt deer or bear during the muzzleloading deer or bear seasons with or to possess:

  1. Firearms capable of being loaded by means other than through the muzzle or of firing centerfire or rimfire ammunition;
  2. Muzzleloading firearms firing more than one projectile per barrel or chamber (buckshot prohibited);
  3. Muzzleloading long guns smaller than .40 caliber or with barrels shorter than 18 inches in length; or
  4. Muzzleloading handguns with barrels less than 9 inches in length, of smaller than .45 caliber, and loaded with a projectile weighing less than 200 grains (.45 caliber or larger conical bullets, or .530 and larger round balls).


  1. Any caliber muzzleloading handgun or (cap and ball) percussion revolver is permitted to be carried when a legal muzzleloading long gun is in hunter's immediate possession.
  2. In compliance with Code 05.19.
  3. Hunters of a deer camp enrolled in the Deer Management Assistance Program who has been issued an Unrestricted Weapon Antlerless Permit or Management Buck Permit may hunt deer in compliance with the terms of the permit.

PENALTY: Class 1

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