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  1. The Commission shall assign violation points to:
    1. A person convicted of violating a Commission hunting, fishing or boating regulation;
    2. A person convicted of violating a federal wildlife law or regulation in Arkansas; and
    3. In accordance with Code 01.00-Q, an Arkansas resident convicted of a wildlife offense in another state that is a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact as follows:

The violation point value for a federal wildlife law or regulation violation shall be equal to the violation point value for the most similar Commission regulation violation. If a court imposes an enhanced penalty pursuant to Code 01.00-J, the Commission shall assign corresponding violation points for the higher class of offense.

  1. Violation points will remain on a person’s violation record indefinitely. However, the Commission will consider only violation points accumulated within a 5-year period for the purpose of determining a person’s eligibility for suspension or revocation under Code 1.00-L.
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